Clippers on flopping

This report from Kevin Arnovitz has some interesting thoughts from Clippers and Grizzlies players on the rampant flopping in their first-round series.

While Chris Paul dismissed the notion entirely (he plays the head game at another level), Reggie Evans and Blake Griffin were more open to discussing, and defending, their flopping philosophies.

  • Griffin: "It's one of those things where every play means a lot. You never know what one play can do, so you're making sure you're getting every possession you can."

  • Evans: "If you can sell a call and get away with it, why not do it? It's all a part of the game. It's always the one who it doesn't work out in their favor -- that's the one that's always complaining about it."

  • Evans: "People say I flop a lot. I pick my moments. One thing about these referees, they do a good job of knowing who's high on the radar when it comes to flops."

The quotes reveal why players flop in the first place and why they are more motivated to do so in the postseason, when winning is all that matters.

Evans also addressed specific questions about Paul's reputation for flopping: "I don't think he's flopping. He's not the flopping type of guy, in my opinion. I think he really gets fouls. You think of a flop, you think of something like what (Pau) Gasol or (Danilo) Gallinari do. That's a flop. But Chris is getting fouled."

I wonder if Evans has seen this video.