Battle of the Last Names

TrueHoop reader Andrew emailed wondering which last name could field the best all-time NBA team.

I'm not sure exactly what the rules of the contest are, but the general idea is could the Wallaces (Rasheed, Ben, Gerald etc.) beat the the Smiths (Josh, Charles, Otis and company)? What about the Carters (Vince, Butch, Fred) or the Scotts (Byron, Dennis). How about the Barry clan (Rick, Brent, Drew, John) against the Waltons (Bill, Luke, and an unrelated Lloyd)? Who'd bet against the Jordans (Michael, Eddie, Reggie and company)?

Jones, Johnson, Jackson, James, Miller (Reggie, Mike, Brad, Harry, "Pig") ... there are some last names that could field really deep squads.

Basketball-Reference has big alphabetical lists of every player every to play in a regular season NBA game. I encourage you to poke around. And I challenge you to come up with any squad that can take my Williams team. There are nearly 60 of them, they fear nothing, and their names are like a little poem:

Jay Jayson Jason
Deron Gus Herb
Sly Fly
Duck Buck
Hot Rod