Blazers Waive the Old Guard

Nick Van Exel and Derek Anderson have both been waived by the Blazers.

Anderson will save the team luxury tax under the one-time amnesty rules of the new CBA.

You know what I like about this move? How confidently the Blazers are making things happen. These people have a plan, and you can see it coming together. It's worth looking at the roster now that it's a little clearer what's happening.

Ignoring Richie Frahm and Damon Stoudamire that's 11 players. Pencil in Sergei Monia, Juan Dixon, and a backup power forward to be acquired opportunistically as available, and you have the 14 players teams are now allowed to carry. There's a lot of upside here, and the salaries are, for the first time in recent memory, under control.