Pick-Up Basketball, Pick Up Delegates

I don't know if you are following politics at all, but I assume most sports fans are, because this time of year politics and sports are practically indistinguishable.

This year is different than most in that there's a serious candidate to lead our nation who is also a known past and current basketball player, with plenty of ties to the NBA.

But it's not like basketball is actually an important part of deciding the next president. It's just a cute little sidenote.

At least, that's what I thought until I saw this 60 Minutes profile of Obama. In there, he says that he played basketball early in the morning before winning Democratic party primaries in Iowa and South Carolina. But he did not hoop before key losses in New Hampshire and Nevada.

So, he tells 60 Minutes his campaign has a new ironclad rule: on days of big votes, he's playing basketball.

If you squint, this could be seen as basketball taking over the world.