Kobe Bryant: I'll Get the Hand Operation in September

In a video on his blog, Kobe Bryant says he can't miss the Olympics, because he has been looking forward to them for a long time. So the operation that the team would like him to have now, he will instead have shortly before next season.

I admire his dedication to playing. Yet I can't help but worry that he could hurt his hand worse in the interim. Maybe opponents won't intentionally target his hand now. But between this day in late February and the twin goals of an NBA title and an Olympic gold medal stand more than a few bloody minded players.

For what it's worth, Bryant also displayed the movie tastes in sync with my mom, saying Cate Blanchett was robbed at the Oscars. He says she truly was "Elizabeth." He also says he can't even tell what "No Country for Old Men" was about, other than "just people shooting each other."