Tuesday Bullets

  • Freakonomics people know their Scot Pollard.

  • Could this really be an email from George Karl's lawyer to the website FireGeorgeKarl.com?

  • Man, have you read Chris Sheridan's Daily Dime? One line: "So there you have it, four reasons to back up the premise that this might have been Isiah's last game with the Knicks."

  • Buck Williams does not have an NBA job, which may or may not have something to do with the color of his skin.

  • Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold: "... the Lakers need Andrew Bynum back to make a serious run at the title. I think we all knew that, but these games confirmed it. I love Pau Gasol. He has been everything we could have hoped for. But he is not a powerful physical presence in the paint, someone we can count on to bang away and get boards and play tough defense at the rim (or on the pick and roll)."

  • Al Thornton's dubious double double: points and turnovers.

  • Mark Cuban says foreigners will soon be arriving, with their fancy exchange rates, to buy American sports teams.

  • Ivan Carter of the Washington Post quotes Gilbert Arenas: "I've been cleared to practice and play. Right now, it's just getting in shape. It's more mental. I'm actually scared to play right now. I think that's where we're at right now so I'm looking at it game by game. I think I'm scared to go out there right now. I just need to go through these practices and get my rhythm back. I'm still going to try and take it slow."

  • This is an article about Brent Barry's wife Erin that you should really read. As a professional adcovate for abused and neglected children she is to be respected. And she is to be forgiven for mentioning that she fell in love with Brent -- they had been friends -- while watching this movie (PG-13, even though it stars a squirrel).

  • Channing Frye wanted his brother Logan to follow in his footsteps to the University of Arizona. But he's going to Michigan. Frye blogs: "This lone wolf has to be different and he took his fat head to the cold, terrible, frozen tundra of Michigan. On the other hand, he is a nerd to a brainiac so I guess it's sort of a good school for that. Not the best school ever like U of A, but maybe it comes in a close 45th because U of A takes up the top 44 places as the best school ever. So, congrats, on being accepted into igloo school."

  • The movie inspired by the book inspired by the gambling scheme of former MIT student and current TrueHoop stat geek, adviser to the Trail Blazers, and ProTrade founder Jeffrey Ma.

  • Andre Miller, not winning an awards for interview skills.

  • Last year's Kings vs. this year's, in nifty charts.

  • Brian McCormick: "I think the Rockets will hold onto a play-off spot as long as McGrady stays healthy. They play hard and play with a purpose and I think that is enough to overcome the ambivalent Nuggets."

  • Video of Kobe Bryant not, despite appearances, beaning a lady in the face with a towel. UPDATE: Rasheed Wallace demonstrates how to throw towels at fans in a way that makes everyone happy.