Monday Mini-Bullets

Going to be in Philadelphia talking 76ers today. So I'll be in the car and doing some interviewing ... bear with me.

In the meantime, something to chew on:

  • New argument from Kobe Bryant supporters: Kobe Bryant should get the MVP because it often doesn't go to the best player.

  • Got an interesting email pointing out that Derrick Rose's game is a lot like Micheal Ray Richardson's.

  • Very interesting interview with Blazer assistant coach Monty Williams, including talk of the actual miracle -- like, as in, laying on of hands -- that apparently cured his hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

  • The Sonic ownership is hoping to leave Seattle after this season, right? Who knows if it'll happen, but it might. There are only a few home dates left -- last chances to say goodbye to Seattle fans, you know? I wonder if they have any special fan appreciation/goodbye ceremonies in the works. Anyone heard anything?

  • Mark Cuban's wacky new blog credentialing policy. I'd like to see this on the org chart. Owner personally oversees direction of financing, direction of franchise, major transactions, arena deals, sponsorships ... and deciding which bloggers to credential. The sooner this whole process gets into the hands of the professionals in his public relations department the better. At least one good blogger, who would love to go to a Mavericks game, finds the whole thing too demeaning and is sitting out Cuban's latest process. (Also, the blogger from FireAvery.com has applied, and been rejected.) Also, Cuban's blog, where he now wants to have bloggers submit their requests via the comments, is not even part of the Mavericks' business, is it? Isn't that just his personal blog? Isn't this kind of like submitting your Kings' media request to the Maloofs at the Palms Casino?