Charley Rosen's All Over-Rated Team

Charles Barkely, Walt Bellamy, George Gervin, Connie Hawkins, Elvin Hayes, Karl Malone, Bob McAdoo, Pete Maravich, Gary Payton, and David Robinson made the list at FOXSports.com. Patrick Ewing takes the cake:

Had he played out of the spotlight in someplace like Orlando or Salt Lake City, Ewing would be remembered as a jump-shooting center who worked hard. Period. With the adulatory New York fans and media filtering their perceptions through the lens of their need to have heroes to celebrate, Ewing was celebrated as being far better than he really was. In truth, he couldn't handle, pass, move laterally, and do anything worthwhile when an important game was on the line. Moreover, his dim apprehension of what the game was all about precluded any thoughts of being unselfish.