Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, Talking Hoops

As part of unofficial 1980s nostalgia week for the NBA, the League rigged up a conversation between Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and a bunch of reporters.

This was the best part (as transcribed by the NBA):

MAGIC JOHNSON: We didn't sleep for two weeks playing 'em (laughter). We talked about it every day. Actually, Larry probably will feel the same way, during the regular season, that's all we watched. Where are the Celtics? Did they win last night? Basically at the end of the day, Larry, I'm sure you can say this, too, we didn't even celebrate the Western Conference final. That was nothing to us. It was about winning the championship. It was about, where is Boston; looking forward to playing them. That's how our team was, because we always wanted to play the best, and that was the Celtics. Same way here.

LARRY BIRD: I can remember when Ralph Sampson hit that shot in L.A. to beat them with one second on the clock, I know all of us felt down a little bit because we weren't going to be able to play the Lakers again (laughter).

MAGIC JOHNSON: That's funny. We felt the same way when you guys lost against Detroit or whoever (laughter).

LARRY BIRD: I don't remember the losses, I only remember the wins.

MAGIC JOHNSON: You still crazy, LB (laughter).