The Boston Basketball Party

I have been in Boston for about 24 hours. A few thoughts:

  • I'm very pleased to announce that once again this year David Thorpe and Dr. Jack Ramsay will be joining me for liveblogging of these NBA Finals games. Dr. Jack and I will be in the press section, and David Thorpe will be watching in Florida, with coach Mike Moreau who will complete the foursome. Thorpe and Moreau wrote a Scouts Inc. preview of this series together. Thorpe predicted the Lakers in six, and Moreau predicted the Celtics in six. Should be a fun discussion. Please join us at game time.

  • Anyone who has lived in New York, I suspect, finds Boston to be unbelievably ... tidy. New York is a city where respectable upper class people have favorite graffiti artists. It's also a place where you can hardly go a block without hearing an epithet or two. It's salty. It's grimey. (I once heard some comedian say that New York is the only city in the world where you have to say "Hey, that's mine. Don't pee on that.") I'm sure Boston is like that to some degree too ... it's still life ... but I have been here about 24 hours, but I drove around a little last night, through a dozen different neighborhoods. In every one of them everything seemed so tidy. I guess you'd call it gentrifed, but I'm not sure it was ever not like this. Just about everyone I saw seemed to have on something plaid, or something khaki, or most likely both. Here's some video I shot out the car window of a typical Boston street scene.

  • It seems the weather here has been bad. The reason I am not certain is because it's impossible to see even the buildings above you most of the time, through all that fog and cloud cover. On high floors, today may be a stunning day. I'm not sure.

  • Next year, according to TrueHoop reader David, I may be able to cover the whole NBA Finals by traveling a short drive from my house in New Jersey, and then hopping a plane to where I grew up. He explains: "Someone telling you a year ago that we'd see a a Celtics vs. Lakers Finals this year (considering their respective records were 24-58 and 42-40) is about the same as someone telling you we'll see a Knicks vs. Trailblazers Finals next year (their respective records being 23-59 and 41-41)." Commissioner Stern, can you set that up for us?