Watch that Chris Bosh Video Again

First of all, because it's funny. But then, to notice something that is pointed out by "Andy Roddick Beat Me With a Frying Pan" author Todd Gallagher:

I was shocked by how much taller Chris Bosh is than Kendrick Perkins, and then how much taller Pau Gasol is than Bosh. For the record, Perkins and Bosh are both listed at 6-10. Gasol is listed at 7-0.

This always interests me because the height listings the teams give are so off. The most jarring one I've seen was at the Olympic trials when LeBron James, who is listed at 6-8, 240 was taller and bigger than Elton Brand who is listed at 6-8 254. To think that Elton is such a load in the low post that he's one of the best PFs in the league, yet LeBron is bigger than him and significantly more athletic and talented in almost every facet of the game, is amazing.

Along those lines, you'll find Peja Stojakovic and Hedo Turkoglu are both listed at 6-10. But get your hands on an old media guide, from when they were both back in Sacramento, and I'm quite certain that you'll find that Turkoglu was once listed at 6-8, and Stojakovic was listed at 6-9.

According to a published report I remember reading at the time, Hedo complained that he was taller than Peja, so those numbers couldn't possibly be right.

The team's solution was to change both of them to 6-10, where they have remained ever since.