TrueHoop Reader Noah Has an Idea for Pat Riley

Noah e-mails:

Baron Davis and Elton Brand opted out. Most likely they will re-sign. But from reading Brand's agent's comments (David Falk as quoted by ESPN's J.A. Adande: "[Becoming a free agent] preserves options to make the team better. Clearly, if Elton decided he wanted to simply max out the dollars, he would have stayed in the deal, had a monster year, and a lot more teams will have cap room next year. ... He watched what happened when a few stars get together and agree to have a communal effort. He said 'That's what I'd like to accomplish in my career.'") Brand wants to play for a winner and will wait to see if the Clippers will make significant roster upgrades.

My guess is they won't, and the Miami Heat will come calling.

So, the obvious move is to work out a sign-and-trade involving Marion and draft picks. But I think it might make more sense for the Heat to follow the Celtics' mold and really go for it.

If the Heat offered Beasley, Haslem and Banks for a re-signed Brand, wouldn't the Clippers have to take that deal?

Meanwhile, the Heat would build a team around Wade/Marion/Brand and still have cap flexibility after next season because of Marion's contract.

Plus Marion would be playing his ass off because he's in a contract year.

Don't you think the Heat could convince some good veterans to play on an instant title contender in South Beach next season, especially after watching what happened in Boston?

The only interesting wrinkle would be to see how Pat Riley would figure out firing Erik Spolestra so that he could jump back in as coach.