The first official floppers

Step right this way, Jose Juan Barea and Donald Sloan. There has been flopping in the NBA since the beginning, but you two are the first players to ever be officially identified by the league as floppers.

The plays were fairly routine. Young Cavalier Donald Sloan got caught up trying to defend in the open court. He got a little tangled with Bulls big man Nazr Mohammed. Taking to the floor in and of itself would likely not have drawn special attention. But Sloan threw up his arms in a full "heliflopter" (as defined by HoopIdea readers) and doubtless that's what got him in trouble.

The Timberwolves' Barea took an off-hand to the face from Jimmer Fredette and threw his arms backward as if Fredette were Mike Tyson. The drama worked. He fooled the referee into calling a foul on what was, on review, not much contact. It's the kind of thing that's designed to fool referees. The league said they wouldn't tolerate it, and evidently they're not.

Skeptics would suggest they are tolerating it from big-name players. On Saturday an official had to intervene as Warrior David Lee screamed "STOP FLOPPING" at Clippers big man, and noted flopper, Blake Griffin, who has gone unpunished.

Both plays are detailed, with video, on NBA.com.

Neither player will be punished. According to the terms of the NBA's new flopping rule, a first offense results in a warning, with fines that escalate with each subsequent offense.