Watching Nick Young

Grantland's Chris Ryan did what we should all be doing: Spent an entire game watching nobody but Nick Young. It's the best of human drama.

This is from the third quarter of his excellent chronicle:

4:15 — I don’t want to read too much into minor situations, but I cannot overstate how much Jrue Holiday is passing up chances to pass to Nick Young. Possession after possession go into the annals of time, and Nick Young has nothing to do with them. ...

3:30 — Nick Young misses a 3. There’s this really good episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, set in Spain. Bourdain meets a man named Victor Arguinzoniz who runs a restaurant called Etxebarri in the northwestern part of the country. This guy does one thing — grills food — and he does that thing better than anyone in the world. Nick Young is kind of like this, minus the doing it better than everyone in the world part. He clearly cares only about scoring. I almost admire his dedication. Rebounding, passing, defense, handshakes … none of these things matter as much as having the basketball and scoring it. He doesn’t even seem to really bother moving very much. Watching him stand, grabbing his shorts in boredom or exhaustion, I get lost in the moment, enjoying watching an artist at work, but then he chucks up a 25-footer and bricks it incredibly hard, and the notion that Nick Young will now have a role in deciding the outcome of this game, and almost 80 more like it this season, comes crashing down on me.