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November, 14, 2012
Abbott By Henry Abbott
  • Sitting in with the local Jazz broadcasters last night on ROOT SPORTS, David Stern was asked about his biggest accomplishment as commissioner. His answer was, I believe, super honest and accurate, and not something people in sports normally talk about so openly. "Back in the '70s, early '80s, we were going to be in a league that was going to be too black and America would never support. And we always felt that America was much better than that. And they are. And so we’ve got an extraordinarily successful league that’s predominately African-American but they’re embraced, adopted and in many ways appreciated for their talents, their artistry. And to me that’s overall the most important thing that I’ve done."
  • Chris Webber on NBA TV last night: "[Mike D’Antoni] wants to give the keys to Nash, but how do you take the ball out of Kobe’s hands? How these two co-exist is going to say a lot about how far this team will go in the postseason." Somewhat related, watch the Spurs win a game with a score (ironically, over Bryant) from a play in which none of their big-name players even touched the ball. Worrying about who is the man is very different from worrying about how best to get a bucket.
  • The owner of the Rockets has been noodling with the idea that it'd be a shame to part ways with Royce White, telling the Houston Chronicle's Jonathan Feigen: "I think we’re going to handle it internally. If he doesn’t work out, well, it’s tough to lose a draft choice. ... I’d feel bad for Royce, and I would feel very bad for the team."
  • Mike D'Antoni has already broken Magic Johnson's will to tweet.
  • Surprise: The Showtime Lakers did not win by outrunning people. Many teams played faster.
  • Sean Highkin on Hardwood Paroxysm: "Royce White’s openness about his anxiety disorder has made him into something of a folk hero, and until now, there was never an opening for reasonable people to turn on him. I cringed a little more as each 140-character missive appeared in my timeline. Not because I thought what he was saying was necessarily wrong or ill intentioned, but because it was obvious from the start that there was no way this could end well for him."
  • Jordan Crawford wants all the shots, even going so far as to almost succeed in stealing some free throws from shooting challenged teammate Jan Vesely.
  • A petition from a Laker fan to Barack Obama: "Petitions the sitting president of the United States to use his influence and power as chief executive and, if necessary, Commander in Chief, to convince the Los Angeles Lakers to stop attempting to use Antawn Jamison as a small forward when years of evidence and contemporary line-up stats have shown that he is most effective at power forward."
  • I know a lot of people wonder what it would take to get hired by an NBA team. Daryl Morey talks about who he'd hire, specifically mentions someone with a blog as a possibility.
  • Beckley Mason on HoopSpeak: "Anderson Varejao put up 35 points and 18 rebounds against the Nets without executing a single post move. He has great hands and rolls to the basket with uncommon grace, but he posted a statline that has only been matched 16 times in the last 10 years mostly just by out-hustling the Nets lethargic frontline. Loose balls, offensive rebounds, that space in front of the rim -- that’s Varejao’s specialty." Also, Mason wants your suggestions about the NBA's best pests.
  • Jeremy Lin is candid, if inconclusive, about the role of race in how he has been received in the NBA.
  • Steve Nash is GQ all day.
  • Coolest arena food ever: NBA players rave about the Pistons' Arnie Kander and his special healing ways. Now fans can purchase some of his famous concoctions, including a homebrew sport drink and snacks.
  • Arsenalist on Raptors Republic on a thrilling Raptors win over the Pacers: "Shockingly, Valanciunas never saw the floor and the Pacers managed to get eight offensive rebounds in the fourth quarter, four on the final possession. If this had resulted in a defeat, pointed questions would have been asked of Dwane Casey. ... It came down to the final possession with the Raptors protecting a precious two-point lead. David West missed a short jumper. Offensive rebound. George misses a three. Offensive rebound. Hill misses a jumper. Offensive rebound. George misses again. Game over. If this one had another possession in it, it would’ve been heartbreak."
  • Dajuan Wagner is working out every day, talking about a comeback.

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