The education of Thomas Robinson

For SLAM magazine, Tzvi Twersky has written one heck of a story about the Kings' Thomas Robinson, who is known for the story of his mother and grandparents all dying in short order while he was in college, for his relationship with his little sister Jayla, and (of course) for playing basketball.

But there has been a lot more than all that in his young life. Twersky writes:

He was 14 or so, hanging with some friends on his home block in the Trinidad section of DC when they saw a car get pulled over at the top of the street. Robinson and crew didn’t know why the cops were arresting the man, but they could tell from his pimped-out ride that he was definitely into something. So, as soon as the cops whisked the man away, the kids jimmied the trunk open and alleviated the man of the jar of $5s and $10s that they unsurprisingly found stowed there.

That would have been the end of it. A hustler would have been out of some illicit money, and a few misguided kids would have had some spare pocket change. Except that…

“He came back later that night,” Robinson says, embarrassed by his misdeeds but willing to share in hopes that kids can learn from him. “We were outside, and we could hear him snapping. ‘I’m gonna kill somebody.’ He walked back to his car, pulled out his gun and I was gone.”


Robinson and his friends ran from the gunfire, splitting up and diving into different alleys in an area dotted with them.