TrueHoop TV: Cheesecake League

TrueHoop TV: Factory Talk

In the latest Weekend Stein Edition of TrueHoop TV, Henry Abbott grills Marc Stein for some insight on the NBA's obsession with Cheesecake Factory.

In early 2008 I wrote up a TrueHoop post about how much NBA players love the Cheesecake Factory. It ends with a collection of bulleted examples of players being spotted there. Since 2008 Twitter has exploded, and now players check in from Cheesecake Factory at least once a week. What was true in 2008 is truer than ever now. That list of bullets could be hundreds long at this point.

The phenomenon had its day in the sun earlier this week when ESPN's Marc Stein asked James Harden where he was when he learned the Thunder had traded him to the Rockets. You guessed it: The Cheesecake Factory. Stein -- a connoisseur of NBA restaurants -- helps us dig in to the love affair between this restaurant chain and the world's best ballers.