Wednesday Mini-Bullets

  • David Berri of Wages of Wins says that trading for Mike Miller and Kevin Love, at the cost of O.J. Mayo, will likely prove to have been a high point in Minnesota's bleak history.

  • Greg Oden worked out for the TV cameras. Some cautionary notes, some raves.

  • Dave from BlazersEdge on the possibility that Greg Oden might win Rookie of the Year: "The time has come for us to say, as a team and as fans, you can have your Rookie of the Year Award. We have more important fish to fry. I'm not saying that we'd turn down the honor or be unhappy should it fall in Greg's hands. That's fine and dandy. But it doesn't really matter. More often than not those things are sops to soothe the pain of losing teams, something to hang your hat on ini the off-season when the rest of reality is too bleak to contemplate. Been there, done that ... no more. Even if the award comes, that's not the point. Nice job, round of applause, and let's get on with it."

  • Mark Cuban says that the world we live in is not the world we were born into, thanks to technology rearranging all the pieces.

  • Some behind-the-scenes video of a bunch of big-ticket NBA players on the set of a Vitamin Water commercial. SLCDunk makes a solid point about marketing with online videos in 2008: "... if they're suppose to be viral, then you probably shouldn't put 'viral' in the file name."