Get Your "Redeem Team" Tankinis Right Here

Writing for Slate, Tommy Craggs has some pretty amazing insight into the "Redeem Team" and its place in the world of commerce:

On Aug. 11, USA Basketball formally sought to trademark the nickname "Redeem Team," including, in its application, a list of 64 pieces of apparel that might one day incorporate the phrase. Among them: Redeem Team hosiery; Redeem Team basketball shoes and Redeem Team basketball sneakers; Redeem Team aprons; Redeem Team undergarments; Redeem Team beach coverups, Redeem Team bathing suit coverups, and Redeem Team bathing suit wraps; Redeem Team bikinis and Redeem Team tankinis; Redeem Team "baby bibs not of paper"; and, of course, the Redeem Team "novelty headwear with attached wigs."

... Surely, by now no one reckons USA Basketball (the governing body that selects and manages the American Olympic team) to be anything but the NBA wrapped in an American flag. (Those with lingering doubts will please note that the preceding clothing list also appears verbatim, right down to the novelty headwear, in the bid by Sonics owners, since dropped, to trademark the name "Oklahoma City Supersonics." They will also note that NBC plays John Tesh's old NBA theme music during every game.)

Now, you should read Craggs' entire article. You really should. Go do it now.

And then come back here and guffaw with me over the kicker at the end. (Spoiler alert!) USA Basketball had applied for that trademark, right? But they didn't get it.

Some dude in Florida, apparently, registered the trademark a few hours before they got to it, and is now looking to partner with a sports apparel companiy to sell you with the same kinds of "Redeem Team" crapola you might have been able to buy from an official partner of USA Basketball.

My question is: When I show my love for the United States by, say, sticking my child in a Redeem Team bib (tankinis have never been his thing) is there any chance that bib will be made in America?

UPDATE: And here's as good a bet as I have seen anywhere about where that name came from.