Report: Luol Deng Will Play for Great Britain

Many recent reports had talked about the financial black hole the British team had entered thanks to their star, Luol Deng, being excluded from the NBA's blanket insurance policy.

Reports were that the team would have to come up with close to a half-million dollars per summer to insure Deng whenever he played for the national team. That's money the team did not seem to have. It was unclear whether the big star would be able to play or not.

Meanwhile, Deng has been projected as one of the major figures of the 2012 London Olympics. And if he couldn't play in the qualifying, the team might be so bad as to lose the free slot they get as host nation.

Basketball247, which has been ahead of this story all along thanks to Ian Whittell, now reports that the money has been found -- somewhere -- to pay for Deng's insurance, and he is likely to be active with his national team in the next few days.

(Thanks for the heads up, Matt.)