Players Like the Cheesecake Factory

But owners eat at Dunkin' Donuts.

Or at least that's what McLane at Black Jesus Disciples writes, after coming across Robert Sarver at the donut shop on Labor Day morning:

I'll admit that upon seeing him I momentarily froze, as the last person I expected to see enjoying a delicious eclair at my local donut hole was Robert Sarver.

He gave me a bit of strange look as I came in, perhaps because he'd never seen a Bad Brains t-shirt before. I can't imagine Mormon bankers are exposed to much hardcore goodness in their lives.

Either that or I was staring. I may have been staring.

He and his brood left soon after my daughters and I placed our order, but not until he meticulously cleaned the table they used.

UPDATE: Comedy footnote here: Robert Sarver is a banker, but he is not a Mormon.