Something NBA Players Should Never Do

John Hollinger has been reviewing all kinds of NBA contracts signed this summer, and in the process managed to be (I'd bet) the first and last person to sneak the word "zorbing" into an ESPN.com article. (Except for, I guess, me, right now.) (This is getting kind of meta.)

So, here's what he said:

Monta Ellis signed a six-year, $66 million deal with the Warriors, which looked great until he wrecked his ankle last month, apparently while bodysurfing, skydiving, zorbing or engaged in another contractually prohibited activity. If he comes back healthy, though, it's still money well spent.

As I read that my internal dialogue was like this: "Ha ha ha -- zorbing! That's hilarious! ... wait ... what's zorbing again?"

So, just to make extra double sure, I youtubed it, and oh boy this certainly is the goofiest thing that could get you injured. Rolling down a hill in a plastic bladder suspended in a massive inflated ball -- it is the perfect joke example, because if you're a big, tough NBA player, and you got hurt doing this, you would want to lie about that.

Just consider the music in this video.

It's not just goofy, though. Injuries probably are likely in this game. It looks very dangerous.

Consider this a cautionary tale. Or this. Or this. Or this.

Hollinger just might get zorbing added to the list of things NBA players really are not allowed to do.