Jason Kidd Talks to Dave D'Alessandro

When Jason Kidd and the New Jersey Nets completed their corporate divorce, with a trade to Dallas, their many reported irreconcilable differences included Kidd's desire for a lucrative contract extension.

Kidd tells the Newark Star-Ledger's Dave D'Alessandro that his agent (Jeff Schwartz) and the Mavericks still have yet to discuss any such extension.

Kidd, whose play has tapered off somewhat over the last year, seems fine with the idea that he will be a free agent at the end of this season.

Have Jeff (Schwartz) and Cuban talked extension this summer?

"Summer's over with (laugh), so ..."

They never talked?

"No, they didn't."

And you're OK with this? After all the underlying resentment last year?

"I'm fine. I'm OK with playing it out ... And I'm excited. I like my situation in Dallas. I have an owner who is aggressive, in the sense that he wants to win. So I'm confident we'll be pretty good. I'm sitting in a good seat."

Some might say it's not so good, that a lot of the traditional powers -- Phoenix, Denver and your guys -- are ready for a slide.

"That's the beauty of the NBA. You're going to hear that, especially when you have a team that didn't play up to expectations, after a trade everyone thought would be a little better. Now we have a training camp and a new coach (Rick Carlisle), so we're together. Really, I'm excited about this year. We've got one of the best players in the world, we've got a very talented player in Josh Howard, who will be come out strong after a disappointing second half. Jason Terry, Brandon Bass. I like the team we have."

So if you get home from a game this winter and you're flipping through the NBA channels and the Nets game is on, will you watch?

(Grinning, wheels turning ... nothing comes out).

We'll take that as a 'no.'

"Take it as a no-comment."