The Celtics' busted offense

The Celtics' offense is terminal to their title chances, and instead of death by a thousand paper cuts, but by a thousand mid-range jumpers.

They have the personnel to get to the rim, especially against the likes of the Cavaliers, but they do little of that. They have the personnel to get open 3s, but they do little of that. Instead, they rely -- as documented nicely by Brian Robb on CelticsHub -- on the least efficient shot in hoops, the long 2-pointer. Even when it's far off the mark.

What is Doc Rivers thinking?

As Steve Bulpett explains in the Boston Herald, he's thinking he'd like his players to do as they're told, to make the crisp cuts and set the good screens that result in quality shots.

Word is (from sources unclear, but presumably not the players) that Rivers is telling his players to do these things, and they are not. Which is not upsetting to the coach, whom Bulpett quotes:

"I never take it personally. I always view a team the way I think the team should be, and I’m going to try to get them there, and that’s my job. You think of it, we’ve had several years like this, and then we’ve gotten it. But then we’ve had some when we haven’t gotten it. To me, it’s part of coaching.

“It’s great when you don’t have to go through anything. In 2008, nothing. It was just a godsend. But they got it, early. You think of Miami two years ago, they didn’t get it. It was the same talent, but they didn’t get it. It really took them all year to get it. That’s just the way it is.”