Interesting Perspective on the NCAA/NIT Settlement

A little foray into college basketball (I won't make a habit of it) for some perspective on the recent goings on with the NCAA and the NIT. This is what Kevin McNeill has to say on CollegeHoopsNet.com.

The NCAA achieved their dominance in the sport of college basketball, not by shady back room deals, nor by gaining an unfair advantage from Congress or oppressing the NIT. They got to be where they are (and college basketball as a whole is where it is today) because the NCAA was smarter. Plain and simple.

An interesting tidbit: my alma mater NYU is banned from division one, as I understand it because of some historic game-throwing/gambling scandal. (The real scandal: that I don't know the story of NYU's basketball program even though I did once in a blue moon do some very amateurish color commentary for their games. Here's what I can tell you: the team is called the Violets, and the mascot is a Bobcat, which may or may not have been inspired by Bobst Memorial Library's electronic search system by the same name. Despite those obstacles, the men were DIII national runners-up when I was there.)

Anyway, getting to the point: Despite not fielding a team that competes in either tournament, NYU will reap millions out of the NCAA/NIT deal. They are one of the schools in the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Basketball Association that organized the NIT.