Late Wednesday Bullets

My posting will be light at times for the next few days -- all kinds of meetings. But that doesn't mean I won't be right there with incredibly important things, like video of Linton Johnson assaulting Tyson Chandler's family jewels.

  • Yesterday I wrote that Adam Morrison might be fighting for his NBA life. Not yet, it turns out. From a press release: "Charlotte Bobcats General Manager Rod Higgins today announced that the team has exercised its options on Adam Morrison and Jared Dudley for the 2009-10 season."

  • The Associated Press on the Nets' new arena in Brooklyn: "[Bruce] Ratner is heavily dependent on a pending federal decision that could determine whether tax-exempt bonds can be used to finance the $950 million arena. But even if the bonds become available, the seized-up credit market could make it impossible to attract investors to the arena, financial experts say. 'It's got more of an economic stall than a political or a legal stall,' said Michael Rowe, a sports management expert and former president of the Nets. 'I think he missed the curve on when that project was financially viable and now he has to wait for it to come back.' A leading critic of Atlantic Yards says the project is doomed. 'I think it's clear to everyone,' said Daniel Goldstein of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, a residents group suing to block the project. 'This is just merely a fantasy that they're going to build this project. Yet they're moving forward as if everything's fine.'"

  • And if there isn't a groundbreaking by November, Barclays can back out of its reported $400 million deal to name the arena.

  • Supersonicsoul: "A listing of all publicly traded companies with NBA Arena naming rights, and their corresponding stock valuations as of September 14th, 2008 and October 14, 2008." As you can imagine, it's not pretty.

  • One thing they apparently didn't have time to teach us at IMG: NBA players punching each other in the groin.

  • Basketbawful on Deadspin: "The HEAT have two retired numbers, and neither one honors a former HEAT player: The first is Michael Jordan's number 23 (because Pat Riley was secretly in love with him), and the second is Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino's number 13 (because the HEAT felt sorry that Dan never won anything in his career). Rumor has it that when Riley finally calls it quits, the HEAT will become the first team to ever officially retire a former coach's hair."

  • Yahoo's Kelly Dwyer on the Chicago Bulls: "The Bulls really have a rotation for all seasons, but somehow this has turned into a bad thing. Thomas can't get the minutes he needs to play well. No team can be expected to compete in the NBA with Larry Hughes (shooting 9 of 31 in the preseason, 29 percent) playing any more than two or three minutes per game. I mean that. He's toast. Nocioni keeps getting entitlement minutes because it seems as if that next low-percentage 20-footer is going in ("I mean, the last one was halfway down!"). Gordon will probably be jerked around, sacrificing scoring as a way to make a point. It's all so frustrating, for Bulls fans and fans of good basketball alike. It's akin to moping while driving a 500 horsepower car, crashing it on the first turn you take, crawling from the wreckage, pointing to the motor and yelling "see? SEE?!?" Don't blame the riches, take advantage of them. Make tough decisions. Utilize perspective and smarts and don't try to have it both ways. Don't turn a big mess of an engine into a big mess of a car; rather, turn it into something special. So, in case I've thoroughly depressed you by this point, understand that Chicago product Derrick Rose is the motherflippin' business."

  • Blogabull wants no part of Derrick Rose coming off the bench behind Kirk Hinrich and Larry Hughes.

  • Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold: "If your biggest preseason problem is where to fit in a 14 and 10 guy who is 6-10 and can run the floor, play inside and out, you're in pretty good shape." And, a radio personality trying to give Lamar Odom an enthusiasm transplant.

  • Good re-cap of last night's Sixers vs. Knicks game. Thaddeus Young and Wilson Chandler were both very impressive.

  • Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune: "Every time I write about Kyle Korver, as I did for Wednesday's paper, I keep coming back to one set of numbers: 62-20. The Jazz went 38-12 after Korver arrived from Philadelphia last season, a pace that would equal a 62-20 record over an entire season. (Actually, I'm rounding down a little. The real pace is 62.32-19.68. But I don't think anyone's going to argue with 62-20.)"

  • Kyrylo Fesenko was on fire! Wait, he was cold as ice!

  • From sea to shining sea: All the way across the county, a tidy little rivalry is brewing between Atlanta's do-everything all-star guard Joe Johnson and Portland's do-everything all-star guard Brandon Roy. Jason Quick of the Oregonian: "Remember last January, when the game was tied 93-93 with 33.3 seconds left? With Roy dogging him the whole way, Johnson handled the ball for 23 seconds of the 24-second shot clock, repeatedly trying to penetrate, jab step and find some sort of opening. He never found one, eventually having to launch a 21-footer that airballed. 'That defensive hold he had on Joe was as beautiful a thing as I have seen,' coach Nate McMillan said after the game. 'Just watching it from behind ... it was beautiful to see. Joe couldn't go anywhere.' Last week, it was apparent Johnson wanted some revenge. He went right at Roy, in what often looked like an attempt to bully/overpower him. But Roy has added some bulk this season -- just take a look at his biceps and shoulders -- and he was able to constantly hold his ground. One memorable play saw Johnson lower his shoulder into Roy in an attempt to clear space before elevating for a mid-range jumper. Roy absorbed the initial blow, and as Johnson elevated, Roy maintained his position and slapped the ball out of Johnson's hands as he elevated. As the Blazers converted the fast break, Roy proudly stood in place, almost puffing his chest out. It's probably the most bravado/showmanship you will ever see out of Roy."

  • Any way you slice, that's a great Don Nelson t-shirt.