All-Star Sunday Bullets

Did you know Michael Jordan turned 50 today?

• Most of the best All-Star moments in Boston Celtics history happened during the Saturday night festivities, which I guess isn't all that surprising. What is surprising, however, is that a couple of those moments include the slam dunk contest, which is not what I think of when I picture the Celtics.

• Over the past few days the fellas at Hardwood Paroxysm went ahead and profiled all of the players taking part in Sunday night's All-Star Game, because of course they did. As usual, it's worth reading before tonight's tip-off.

• The live blog has been around for quite a while, some of my favorite online basketball pieces over the years have been live blogs of games. Forum Blue and Gold's Phillip Barnett, reporting from Houston, live-blogged Saturday night's festivities complete with video, tweets and analysis. It's worth your time if just to re-watch last night's dunks without having to see all the missed attempts.

The casting in the NBA version of Ocean's 11 is perfect.

• Amidst all the fun and hoopla of All-Star Weekend, Kings people have had to deal with the very real possibility of their team moving to Seattle.

• Over at Sports Illustrated's Point Forward blog, TrueHoop Network alum Rob Mahoney has five things to keep an eye on during tonight's game, including the idea that LeBron James can pull off almost anything you can think of. And probably several things you have yet to imagine.

• Wait, Tim Duncan was actually angry he didn't play enough in an All-Star Game once? That's not the Tim Duncan I know.

• Speaking of the Spurs, Matt Bonner says he was able to overcome having to shoot in the vicinity of Drake and "Nick Cannon from America’s Got Talent" in Saturday night's 3-Point Contest.

• I feel like Gerald Green's dunk and re-dunk was great in theory but poor in execution. He should've dunked first with his off-hand and then followed up with his strong hand, since that was the toughest part of the maneuver. Of course, who am I to criticize attempting to break the laws of gravity?