Monday Mini-Bullets

  • A nice roundup of stories written about the late Jerry Buss.

  • Which teams should be buyers at the trade deadline? History, and Kevin Pelton, tell us it's those teams just outside the playoffs (Insider): "Where trades have really made a difference is among buyers on pace for 35-45 wins. Six of the eight teams in this group played better after making a deadline deal, and on average they improved their winning percentage by 7.6 percent the rest of the way -- an average jump of slightly more than two wins over the final 30 or so games. One of these teams, the 2009-10 "Fear the Deer" Milwaukee Bucks, made the biggest post-trade jump of any team in the past five years, going from winning 47.1 percent of their games before adding John Salmons at the deadline to 71.0 percent thereafter -- a run that nearly culminated in a playoff upset against the Atlanta Hawks."

  • Derrick Rose is participating in 5-on-5 drills.

  • Video highlights of the top 10 plays from the first half of the NBA season.

  • John Wall is producing more than he did as a rookie, but is that enough without a bump in efficiency?

  • Former 11th overall pick Terrence Williams is back in the NBA, with the Celtics.

  • Good luck finding understated footwear at the All-Star Game.

  • A Pistons starter wants to play as fast as Detroit's bench.

  • The leader of the Suns' famed training staff, Aaron Nelson, shares a story of player generosity in this fun interview with AZ Central's Paul Coro: "(Charles) Barkley, (Danny) Manning, (Joe) Kleine. Those guys would always give out their per diem to the staff. When it was a few hundred dollars (players got $35 per day when Nelson started in 1993), they would give it out. Players in the past used to do it a lot more. (Jason) Kidd and Rex (Chapman), too. When you’re young and an assistant not making barely anything, sometimes when they gave me per diem, it was more than my salary then, so it was nice."

  • How Matt Bonner got to be in the 3-Point Shootout, as told by Dr. Seuss.

  • Did anyone have as much fun as Joakim Noah in the All-Star Game?