Thursday Bullets

  • Dwight Howard's stat line must be acknowledged. 30 points, 19 rebounds, and ten blocks. TrueHoop reader Lawrence did a bunch of poking around and says, basically, that only people like Hakeem Olajuwon has done that. (UPDATE: TrueHoop reader William writes: "I think it would be erroneous to not include in the conversation this monster game that Orlando Shaq dropped on the nets in '93: 24 points, 28 rebounds, and 15 blocks!")

  • Isiah Thomas has been kicked every way a coach and GM can be kicked, but today is a good day to point out that his Wilson Chandler pick wasn't all bad.

  • A big mess of Charlie Rose interviews with NBA figures, from Pat Croce to Emeka Okafor. Even more here. A long time ago, I was an intern down the hall from Charlie Rose, and got to ride the WNET elevator with several of his distinguished guests, including a little-known governor who was running for the top office in all the land, Bill Clinton. The Mike D'Antoni interview is fresh and interesting and he talks about when he was living in Europe, he read five or six books a week. That can't help but make you smart. He also makes a joke about being coach of the Knicks, saying the job is one year of hard work, and three years of paid vacation.

  • Mark Cuban talking to The Guy Report: "As long as they allow kids to turn pro over there at 14, and don't limit how long teams and players practice, they are going to get better and faster than our kids. High School Associations and the NCAA have archaic rules limiting the structure, length and locations of practice opportunities here. There is no way kids that can practice, at most, 2 hours a day can compete with kids practicing 8 hours." He also has some very inspiring things to say about Oreos.

  • Will Leitch says TrueHoop is better than Wizznutzz, which is 100% proof positive he has not been paying close attention.

  • Perhaps you have already seen this. In a Ryan Lizza New Yorker article, some insight into Barack Obama's Michael Jordan mentality: "Obama, who is not without an ego, regarded himself as just as gifted as his top strategists in the art and practice of politics. Patrick Gaspard, the campaign's political director, said that when, in early 2007, he interviewed for a job with Obama and Plouffe, Obama said that he liked being surrounded by people who expressed strong opinions, but he also said, 'I think that I'm a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I'll tell you right now that I'm gonna think I'm a better political director than my political director.' After Obama's first debate with McCain, on September 26th, Gaspard sent him an e-mail. 'You are more clutch than Michael Jordan,' he wrote. Obama replied, 'Just give me the ball.'"

  • Just got the new media guide for the Thunder. I was curious how they would handle the story of the team's move from Seattle in a setting where teams really have a mandate to be sunny and positive. That would take some spin! The truth is, they punted. They get to the historic Land Run of 1889, there is rich talk of the Ford Center's Victory Cafe and Bar, and there is a non-trivial description of how the D-League's Tulsa 66-ers joined the fold. But how the Sonics became the Thunder? Thats's missing entirely from the team's official public account of the franchise. And, the tuba man is dead.

  • 1908 hoops photo. (Via Kottke.)

  • People want Antonio McDyess. He can sign with the Pistons again next month, but in the meantime it's nice to be wanted.

  • An effort to put together a list of every time a basketball player at just about any level has scored 100 points in a game. It's obviously incomplete -- I had a night playing Nerf hoop in college when I scored 100+ by ones with a beer in one hand.