Derrick Rose vs. D.J. Augustin, Now Tied

Last night, D.J. Augustin and his Charlotte Bobcats got the better (thanks in no small part to a bad call) of Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls.

It was a tidy little duel between two rookie point guards of note. Augustin -- he of the 29 points on 16 shots, to go with seven assists and just one turnover -- got the win and the street cred.

Rose took the same number of shots. But instead of 29 points, he turned them into a measly six. His seven assists came with three turnovers, a couple of botched late drives, and a loss.

But this was hardly the first time they had met. TrueHoop reader Matt e-mails to point out that round one was a cakewalk for Rose:

The last time D.J. Augustin and Derrick Rose played against each other was their match-up in the Elite 8 of the NCAA tournament. It was pretty memorable because Rose absolutely torched D.J. and led his team to an 18-point victory:

  • Rose: 21 points (7-10, 7-8 FT), 9 assists, 6 rebounds

  • Augustin: 16 points (4-18, 6-6 FT), 3 assist, 2 rebounds

Rose's performance was used to demonstrate how far above the rest of the point guards he was. D.J.'s payback was putting up the best game of his NBA career the same night that Rose had his worst.

Clearly, Augustin had something to prove last night. Now, when they play each other again in March, maybe Rose will reciprocate, and we can have the beginning of a nice little rivalry.