You Don't See That Very Often

This afternoon, the Clippers traded a conditional second-round pick to Toronto for Hassan Adams and cash.

About two hours later, they announced that Adams had been waived.


So they traded a pick for ... cash? And they take on however many dollars Adams was guaranteed?

Toronto wanted to do this because it got them under the luxury tax threshold, which is worth more than $3 million. But what, exactly, was in it for the Clippers? My best guess: The cash.

And, one other thing. That second-round pick could be very conditional. Teams will occasionally protect a pick for something like picks 31-55, which means they only give it up if they're one of the best teams in the NBA.

If that's what the Clippers did, then of course they didn't give up anything. So it's some paper shuffling for some money. It's all pretty harmless stuff. Unless ... you're Hassan Adams.