Gregg Popovich, cooking omelettes

Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News writes about how mad Gregg Popovich was at Manu Ginobili for a contested long 3 with 44 seconds left.

Then the Argentine hit the game-winning 3 at the end of the second overtime, which changed everything. (And hell no the play wasn't drawn up for Ginobili.)

"I went from trading him on the spot," Popovich said, "to wanting to cook him breakfast tomorrow."

Afterward, Ginobili played along.

"I'll have an omelet," he said, "with mushroom."

The inbound play that finally put an end to the madness wasn't supposed to go Ginobili.

"I wasn't even an option," Ginobili said. "They told me to go screen and stay far away from the play."