The Steph Curry sideshow

For every Stephen Curry action, there is a reaction. I don’t know about equal and opposite, but there’s a clear correlation between the sweetest jump shot in the league and the joyous celebrations they provoke from the Golden State Warriors reserves.

Both Curry’s shooting prowess and the Warriors’ party moves were on display in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals, as evident in these highlights

My favorite moment from Game 1 was when four players stood up and simultaneously put their hands on their heads in disbelief, a move I like to call the Thomas Hill.

David Lee’s torn hip flexor has kept him out of most of the Warriors’ playoff games, but it doesn’t keep him from jumping up in astonishment after another Curry jumper splashes home.

“I’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see,” Lee said, “From being on the other end of Kobe dropping 60 in the Garden to you name it. There’s just something special about when Steph gets it going like that. Being the tight-knit group that we are, just encouraging one another, I know when we get hyped over there it just encourages him to keep going.”

When Curry’s on one of his scoring sprees, “It’s kind of a blur,” he said.

“I see them standing up,” Curry said. “There was big talk [Tuesday] at practice about the videos of all the reactions. It seems like they were all in unison last game. They’re out there having fun, we’re all out there having fun playing the game. That’s what it’s all about.”

Kent Bazemore is considered the ringleader. In his rookie season he already has a YouTube reel of his sideline celebrations.

"My situation, being undrafted and just being thankful to be here,

it’s my ode to the game," Bazemore said. "Just showing my passion.

"I’ve got my one signature thing. They call it 'Bazemore.' It’s actually like a crescent lunge, from yoga.

Lee doesn’t put as much thought into it.

"I’ll have reactions," he said, "and later look back and say, 'What was I doing?'”