Playoff plus/minus studs

Wayne Winston, who I would identify as a pioneer of adjusted plus/minus and a delightfully plainspoken dude with ties Mark Cuban -- but who is technically the John and Esther Reese Professor of Decision Sciences at Indiana University -- was kind enough to share his playoff ratings.

These are not to be interpreted as MVP rankings. But they are, for your viewing pleasure, a cleverly recorded ranking of who has been on the court when his team has played the best in these playoffs.

The one conclusion Winston takes from this: The Thunder should play Nick Collison as much as possible in place of the plus/minus challenged Kendrick Perkins.

The numbers are per 48 minutes, and adjusted for the other players on the court.

  1. Chris Andersen -- plus-29

  2. Mike Conley -- plus-24

  3. Shane Battier -- plus-23

  4. Pablo Prigioni -- plus-23

  5. Nate Robinson -- plus-19

  6. Stephen Curry -- plus-18

  7. Nick Collison -- plus-18

  8. Tyson Chandler -- plus-16

  9. Klay Thompson -- plus-15

  10. Lance Stephenson -- plus-15

  11. Kevin Durant -- plus-14

  12. LeBron James -- plus-13

  13. Dwyane Wade -- plus-13

  14. Raymond Felton -- plus-11