LeBron James' Big Announcement


And a William Wesley sighting.

There has been a lot of hubbub about LeBron James having a big announcement, talking about following his first love, and photos of him in a Cleveland Browns' NFL uniform.

Today a blogger has more of the story.

Check out those photos.

They are screenshots from a longer version of a State Farm ad that appeared on Hulu.com.

In any case, it seems quite clear that the big announcement is really just part of an ad campaign. Creative, for sure.

And ... poignant.

Check out those still photos.

In the second one, we see a fabricated scene. LeBron at a podium, addressing basketball fans. But it's not wholly fake. For one thing, at some point (presumably in the summer of 2010) LeBron James will hold a similar press conference, and will really announce what his future plans are.

And when he does, who will be present representing James' inner circle? I don't know, but the lineup here -- if I'm not mistaken, that's Randy Mims, Richard Paul, and William Wesley to James' left -- is a realistic bet. (Surely Maverick Carter and Leon Rose are in on that conversation, too.)

So, this ad is a funny fiction. But also, maybe, perhaps a little bit of a preview of something real.