Stephen Curry ankle update

Here's more than you ever possibly wanted to know about the status of Stephen Curry's left ankle, which he sprained late in Game 3, from his meeting with the media before this morning's shootaround in San Antonio before Game 5:

"I feel good," Curry said. "I’m ready to go tonight. It feels a whole lot better than it did before Game 4, so that’s all I could ask for.

"When I woke up yesterday, it wasn’t worse than it was before the game [Sunday], which is a huge success.

"Mission accomplished: to be able to play Game 4 and not have any setbacks or delay the healing process for tonight."

Sometimes the altitude and pressurized cabin of an airplane flight can cause joints to swell. Curry said that didn't happen on the trip to San Antonio.

"We prepared for it," Curry said. "Had it wrapped up, almost four times the size of my regular ankle with tape and wraps and compression and all that, just trying to make sure it doesn’t balloon up. And we got through it."

Curry didn't get any practice shots before Game 4, but he planned to participate in the Warriors' shootaround Tuesday and be on the court early before Game 5.

"I think it’s in good enough shape to do that, to be able to put a little of pounding on it, to warm up, to get my legs back and keep my normal routine before games," Curry said.

It's worth noting that he made five of his 10 3-point shots in Game 4 without practicing beforehand.

"He was born a shooter," Mark Jackson said.