Tuesday Bullets

  • Kevin Arnovitz of ClipperBlog points out that Portland can do some things well on defense. Or, at least it appears that way against the Clippers. And talk of why the Clippers drafted Eric Gordon over Jerryd Bayless.

  • Matt McHale of By The Horns has a trade suggestion to get Larry Hughes off the Bulls' roster: "To: The Bueller family. For: Ferris Bueller. Why it works: The Bulls need a clutch player, someone who can make things happen in pressure situations, and Bueller is perfect. Look at everything he was able to accomplish in the six or seven hours he was supposed to be at school: Attend a Cubs game; visit the Sears Tower, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Board of Trade; take part in the Von Steuben Day Parade, even lip-syncing to "Danke Schoen" and The Beatles' version of "Twist and Shout;" and pretend to be the Sausage King of Chicago to dine at an upscale restaurant on Rush Street. Anybody who's spent any time in the Windy City knows that, for most people, those things could take days, even weeks to accomplish. Ferris did it in half a day. He's also a larger-than-life personality that fans can rally behind. Plus, no scandal would ever stick to this guy: He was able to ditch classes and even destroy his best friend's dad's Ferrari yet came out smelling like a rose. I have no idea whether he can shoot a basketball, but that doesn't seem to matter on this team. Just look at Joakim Noah. What the Bueller family gets: I don't care that she had a change of heart at the end of the movie and saved him from Dean Rooney, Ferris' sister, Jeanie, hated her brother...mostly because his inexplicable popularity and unstoppable coolness made her feel badly about herself. That wouldn't happen with Larry; if anything, his underachieving nature and lack of popularity would actually build her confidence. As for Mr. and Mrs. Bueller, they couldn't tell the difference between their actual son and some cheesy sound effects. Chances are, they wouldn't even notice the Ferris-for-Larry switch."

  • Did Wilson Chandler fix his shot?

  • Food in Mouth blog: "First thing you have to know about both Tebaya and Brandon Roy is that one of them is from Seattle, Washington, and one of them is a store in New York where you can get some delicious chicken wings. What they do have in common is that they're both probably not on your radar, and they should be. Tebaya is tucked away in this hole in a wall on 19th street in Chelsea, while Mister Roy is tucked away in Portland, Oregon, and we never see his games on TV because west coast time is a bitch. Seriously, why did the earth just HAVE to be round and why did we HAVE to go around the sun. It makes watching NBA so difficult. What makes Brandon Roy and Tebaya truly special is that they're both subtle, underrated, and surprisingly effective. OK, so maybe only Brandon Roy is 'effective' while the chicken wings at Tebaya are 'delicious.' I simply hesitate to call BRoy 'delicious' because that would come out wrong. And it just came out wrong." ("Delicious" might be a tad strong, but I think NBA fans will agree that what's happening in this photo is darn close.)

  • Another little quiz: Since Christmas, how many double digit rebound games has 6-10 springboard Amare Stoudemire had? The answer is here.

  • Some kind of fancy list says Alonzo Mourning will be in the Hall of Fame.

  • How's this for a welcome-to-the-NBA moment? Kyrylo Fesenko of the Jazz tells of getting stuck in snowbank in -44 degree Bismarck, North Dakota.

  • There's something wrong with Tim Duncan's drink.