Cleveland, Let's Hear It

This Wednesday, LeBron James will, once again, play in New York City.

Cleveland shudders.

Last time that happened, he made leading comments about a future in New York, the Knicks cleared cap space, and more and more New Yorkers started talking about "when" LeBron comes to New York, instead of "if."

Of course, there's far more to this story. As I've discussed on TrueHoop many times, the future of LeBron James looks very different if you happen to live in Cleveland, or happen to be a Cavaliers fan.LeBron James

So, I'm asking you, Cleveland fans, to explain it to the rest of us. Please tell us what this process feels like. What's the conversation like in your barbershop? You have probably the best player in basketball, leading one of the very best teams in basketball. You could be on your way to a title right now.

But there's this dark cloud hanging over everything, and sometimes it must seem like the whole world -- or at least much of the national media, LeBron's big corporate sponsors, the NBA, you name it -- must want to break up your team.

Help us understand the other side of the argument. E-mail me (truehoop AT gmail DOT com) your side of the story. Why you think he'll stay. Why this hurts. What it is that some media reports are missing. What you wish every Knick fan could know ...

The very best of those e-mails I'll edit together and post on Wednesday, when LeBron James will be in New York. Hopefully you can provide a nice counterpoint to the Big Apple buzz that's sure to come.

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler NBAE/Getty Images)