LeBron's arrogance, and inner peace

LeBron James is calm. That's the point of Dan Le Batard's Miami Herald column today. But it goes all kinds of interesting places digging deep into the idea that yes LeBron thinks he's the best player in the world, and yes he is and yes he has a "Chosen One" tattoo and yes people hate him and doubt him every minute, and loudly.

Below are some key lines, but it's well worth reading the whole thing:

  • "Once upon a time, when he had a youngster’s sensibilities, James got a 'Chosen One' tattoo, feeling a need for the outside world to see, bravado not the same as bravery. But now he carries that imprint within."

  • "The instant overreaction is so loud and so knee-jerk and so emotional, the Heat a microcosm for too much of what passes for sports analysis these days, and you’ll find James at the very center of all this looking like a Buddhist basketball monk trying to do his daily prayers as the fire alarms wail and the roof sprinklers rain."

  • "You remember what this guy was doing as feces rained down upon him before Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals last year, blueprint on the brink? He sat in the locker room reading a book, then produced a game that will echo through the ages."