Wednesday Mini-Bullets

  • Stop the presses. Really. You have to watch this beautiful video of James White, Keith Clark, and the best dunks of the weekend, bar none. The D-League dunk contest was better than the NBA dunk contest.

  • The Hornets hurt their credibility by telling their fans they traded Tyson Chandler to get Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox. No mention of cutting salary. UDPATE: Mother of all round-ups of trade reaction.

  • Jose Calderon and his ham, the update. (Could "Jose Calderon and His Ham, the Musical" be far behind?") A year ago, John Gustafson wrote about such things for the Magazine: "His skills haven't really changed, but his diet has. Calderón's favorite cured ham, pata negra, is to him what spinach is to Popeye. But until recently, the meat was banned in North America due to health concerns. In December, though, the U.S. dropped the ban for one producer, and now Calderón can find his cherished dish in some restaurants on the road. His game hasn't been the same since." Also, Calderon is saying that his pigs eat only walnuts, but it sounds like acorns are the norm. UDPATE: TrueHoop reader Ben has a great memory, and brings up this line: "Be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm." A great PG-13 clip from the movie "Snatch."

  • Philadelphia's Spectrum will soon be torn down. But it still has a trick or two up its sleeve. On March 3, the Harlem Globetrotters will reportedly play a game on the roof. March in Philadelphia ... is cold.

  • "The machinations the Hawks put themselves through to try and hide Bibby defensively," writes Bret Lagree on Forum Blue and Gold, "border on the comic."

  • If you want to know about sports law and the NBA, go to this.

  • Nate McMillan's son, playing for Arizona State, takes a charge that makes USC (and former NBA) coach Tim Floyd totally lose it.

  • Steve Nash plays a great role in some commercials encouraging solar water heat.

  • Kevin Arnovitz of ClipperBlog: "The Clippers are without Marcus Camby and Brian Skinner - their only two passable interior defenders. Chris Kaman is still a couple weeks away, and the Clips waived Cheikh Samb yesterday after acquiring another marginal Piston, Alex Acker. Zach and DeAndre Jordan qualify as the only legitimate bigs available to Mike Dunleavy to contend with Shaquille O'Neal and Amare Stoudemire. It's doubtful Zach Randolph considers this when he acquaints Amundson's jaw with his fist. At no point during his career has Randolph given off the impression he considers much of anything outside that small space around the low right block. Within the confines of the post area - stretching out toward the perimeter - and the ball in his hands, Randolph is a stinking genius. Get him outside his little fiefdom, and he's Zach Randolph – an oblivious lug who can't be bothered defensively, can't create a shot for any teammate, and detracts from any semblance of his team's class or collective character. Fortunately, this Clippers team at this moment in the organization's history has little class or character to lose. Randolph will always be able to carry the scoring load on a bad team, but that's the extent of his function in the NBA. It wasn't Zach Randolph's fist that cost the Clippers the game – the jab at Amundson might have sealed it – but actually his first quarter defense. The five most terrifying words to a Clipper fan: 'O'Neal will work against Randolph.'"

  • Blazer executives had an emotional pre-season retreat to Arizona, as told by the Oregonian's Jason Quick: "[Team President Larry] Miller had gathered 14 of his department heads and organized a team-building seminar with Wyatt Webb, who uses horses among other props, to help with communication in relationships. By the end of the week, the department heads would put their minds and bodies together to scale a 12-foot wall, balance evenly on a teeter-totter and coax a horse to reveal its hoof. In the process, there were scrapes, cuts and emotional, late-night conversations."

  • Video from last weekend, when CNN had a lot of All-Stars critique Barack Obama's game.

  • The schedule-maker, and Zach Randolph's ego, combine to give Alvin Gentry a nice re-debut as an NBA head coach. Seeing the Suns running, scoring, and succeeding like that ... it has to up the price for Amare Stoudemire, right?

  • Kings fans eyeing up Samuel Dalambert.

  • If you care about things that are important, apparently it's not that hard to get a 20-minute interview with Bobby Knight.

  • Mark Cuban with an update on his stimulus plan: "As of this morning, I had requested more information from 12 businesses. Of those, we have setup visits to see their operations for 2 of them. We are in the process of further evaluating another 5, and after receiving information from the other 5, we have decided not to pursue an investment. If all goes well, the 2 will be funded in less than 2 weeks, start to finish. The other 5 will hopefully end up in visits and funding as well. Of the 7, the amounts requested range from about $20k to more than $100k. As we finalize the deals , either to completion or to a determination that we walk away, I will post more information. I also continue to welcome posts with your business ideas. This process has worked well. I have to admit that there were ideas that were new to me, but posters educated me on competitors and issues for those businesses. Others weren't as interesting, but posters added more information that made the idea make more sense. I want to keep this going as long as we can. If you keep on posting, I will continue to review them. For as many as I can, where I think I can ask a question or comment that adds value, I will do so."