Charles Barkley's Re-Entry Interview

An amazing line:

"I thought I did well on the sobriety test. But clearly not good enough."

On NBA.com, Charles Barkley talks to Ernie Johnson about his recent drunk driving issues.

Some other key points:

  • "This is just my bad, no excuses, it was unacceptable. I think that a DUI is unacceptable. That can't happen and I've got to challenge other people, not just celebrities or jocks. You have to really think before getting behind the wheel after you've been drinking."

  • "I am certainly going to use better judgment. I'm not going to drive a car after I've been drinking. I'm going to get a driver anytime I go out in public. And I'm going to challenge all NBA players and hopefully all jocks across the board. When we go out, we really have to think before getting behind the wheel."

And then there is this exchange:

Will it go to trial?
No, I don't believe it will go to trial.

What have they told you about going to jail?
I may be looking at potentially some jail time but don't know anything yet.

Will you have to go out and do anything else?
I will have to go to alcohol counseling.

Is that something that you need?
Well, I think it's going to be good for me, to be honest. I need to make sure drinking is not a problem for me. I just want some professionals to talk to me about it.

What if the professionals tell you stop drinking?
Then I'll have to stop drinking.

I don't admire how Charles Barkley got into this situation, but I do admire how he's getting out of it.