Dukies Question the President

Carlos Boozer was one of many who watched President Barack Obama fill out an NCAA bracket. And he was horribly disappointed. Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune writes:

It was hard enough for Carlos Boozer to watch as President Barack Obama picked Pittsburgh to the Final Four instead of Duke. Then Boozer watched as Obama picked North Carolina, the Blue Devils' archrival, to win the championship in his ESPN bracket.

Boozer, who met Obama last summer at a campaign event in Miami, got in touch with his former Duke teammate Reggie Love, who serves as Obama's personal assistant, and had some questions about the president's picks.

"I said, 'Reggie, what's up with President Barack picking the Tar Heels to win the whole thing?"' Boozer said. "He said, 'I know. He stabbed us both in the back on national TV.'"

Boozer wasn't willing to go as far as Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, who suggested Obama spend more time worrying about the economy and less on his tournament bracket.

"He's got a lot to do in office," Boozer said, "but every once in a while the president has to watch a little college basketball."