Videos to Make You Think

Last night Shaquille O'Neal and Robin Lopez argued on the bench after the Suns didn't get back on D. Michael "The General" Schwartz wrote about that moment on Valley of the Suns:

Doug Collins noted that it's good to see a veteran involved in the game even when he's done for the day.
Lopez certainly seemed engaged listening to what the big man had to say and played with a different fire during the rest of his meaningless minutes, probably so as not to upset the Shaqtus.

As Gentry recently wrote on his Twitter feed, "Anyone would enjoy coaching this group of guys. It's what a team should be. Young players learning from the veterans. Vets that work hard."

Here's what bugs me: Nobody knows what O'Neal said to Lopez. But why assume it's wise? (And when has O'Neal ever been -- as Lopez was -- the first Sun back?) I'm totally open to the idea that O'Neal was doing something that was good for the Suns. But I'm also open to the idea that one or both of them was being petulant, and no wisdom was exchanged at all.

OK, here's another video to make you think. As a father, I'm always torn when I see these kinds of things. What do you think about young kids spending hours a day working on basketball skills? Shouldn't they use some of that time to, you know, make friends and stuff?

The truth is ... being professional grade at something probably does usually require some pretty wicked imbalance. I'm just not at all sure at what age that should begin.

Anyway, here's a glimpse into the childhood of Xavier head coach Sean Miller.

(First saw this video on NESW Sports) And finally, somewhere William Wesley is sad that his favorite college team is out. And right here at my desk I'm sad because my bracket is busted. I had Memphis winning it all. Then came Missouri.