One Correction, One Clarification

A correction:

  • In yesterday's bullets, I linked to a story about the deceased Marvin Webster, and mentioned that his nephew is Blazer guard Martell Webster (who, incidentally, is out for the season, it was announced yesterday). Martell tells Blazer PR, and Blazer PR tells me, that Marvin was not a relative of Martell's. I have amended the post.


  • A week ago I pointed out that a certain LeBron James fansite is not really a fansite, but in fact a corporate creation of the Cavaliers, made to look like a fansite. It seems a little sneaky to me not to put a team logo and the like on such a site. Not terrible by any means, but the kind of thing that could backfire ... nobody likes to be misled (by the way, I can't write that word without thinking about this radio show, check about the 7:45 mark). One thing that makes it slightly less sneaky, and is worth pointing out: When the Cavaliers launched that site, they did so with a press release announcing it was their work. So the sneakiness is a degree or two less.