Wednesday Bullets

• Mark Cuban is teaming up with Southern Methodist University to research flopping. Can’t wait to see what they uncover, but it’s a bit odd to see Cuban so involved at this point. It’s not like the refs will have any bearing on whether the Mavs win a title. That team is temporarily out of the hunt, and likely so for a few years going.

• J.R. Smith has some words for you people who tweet about going to the gym.

• DeAndre Jordan gets punched in the face.

• The Warriors are running into some trouble with this San Francisco move. Also, though Warriors owner Joe Lacob snuck in front of billionaire Larry Ellison to buy the team, Ellison may get his revenge yet. From Ann Killion in the San Francisco Chronicle: “While Mayor Ed Lee wants a legacy project, the last time the city politicians bought what a billionaire was selling they ended up with an America's Cup that hasn't provided the promised financial windfall. While Lacob isn't quite as rich and powerful as Larry Ellison, the city is - or at least should be - more wary of vanity projects.”

• An unsung, important part of Knicks history.

• Sean Highkin of USA Today is objectively right that the Warriors have the best uniforms in basketball. He also gives a breakdown on the jerseys for every team.

• According to Zach Harper of CBS Sports, the Wizards won’t be as miserable as the included photo might lead one to believe.

• Posted a couple weeks ago, but worth sharing today: A good HawksHoop piece on how the Hawks are smartening up.

• Courtesy of Rob Mahoney and Ben Golliver in Sports Illustrated: Smart takes on how far the Pacers and Warriors are from contention. I can assure you that the revived Warriors fanbase is already livid over the mild criticism in this piece.

• Now that the New York Times website is back up, you can read this interesting article on ACL injuries and athletes. Scientists are working towards a healing kind of blood clot.

• Important news alert: James Harden is partying with a “Boy Meets World” cast member. He’s the modern Joe Namath.

• This site retouches classic NBA photos by adding color. Well worth a perusal.