Wednesday Bullets

  • The Sacramento Monarchs won the WNBA title.

  • Throwing down a geeky gauntlet, the SacKingsBlog challenges anyone to name a better shooter than Peja Stojakovic. Don't bring that weak "Ray Allen" crap in there either. He ate that guy up as an appetizer, and his number cruncher is only getting warmed up.

  • The NPR sports show Only A Game is podcasting and RSSing now. Plenty to check out, including a story about the men, yes the men, of the Seattle Storm.

  • The Serbia and Montenegro coach is talking about throwing players off the team for selfish attitudes, after his NBA-laden squad lost to, of all things, France, in the European championships. Seems NBA All-Star teams suck in international competition even if they're not American.

  • Joel Przybilla is boxing, but he calls himself a "wuss" and says he's not planning to throw any punches in the NBA, mostly because he's scared of how his wife might react.

  • Michael Ray Richardson, who by his own admission earned a PhD in partying while playing in the NBA, is now coaching the Albany patroons and is shocked at the lack of discipline.

  • Thanks Eric Marentette for pointing out where you can see highlights of the European championships. The Group A video, at about the 4:06 mark is where you'll see Viktor Khyrapa's highlight steal from Dirk Nowitzki and dunk. Keep watching another couple of minutes and you'll see Nowitzki shoot over Khyrapa time and again while leading Germany to a comeback.

  • Lots of people hate Detroit Free Press columnist and best-selling author Mitch Albom. He is a little cheesey at times, and he did have a recent ethical lapse. But only these folks, as far as I know, have started a blog about how "craptastic" he is. (Thanks DeadSpin.)