Kentucky Class

Jon Greenberg of ESPNChicago.com spends some time with Joakim Noah, and Noah tells a great little anecdote from his college days at Florida:

My favorite story: We were playing [Rajon] Rondo at Rupp Arena in Kentucky.

We were up 20 with like three minutes left. We had just made a run. When you go into Rupp, you feel like it's you against the world. Tubby [Smith] calls a timeout, and I'm talking trash, like, "It's quiet as hell in here, quiet as hell."

And I'm getting hype, and I remember some 60-year-old woman, she screams, "Noah, show some f---ing class!"

The same article also says that Noah plans to train with David Thorpe at IMG's Pro Training Center in Florida this summer. Hope he doesn't mind the cold.