Blake Griffin: Not Dreaming of Oklahoma

With the draft lottery this evening, a lot of the half-joking talk is that the Oklahoma City Thunder may have some inside track on the top pick.

When the top player in the draft was from Chicago (Derrick Rose) the Bulls won the lottery. When the top player in the draft was from Cleveland (LeBron James) the Cavaliers won.

(Some statistician, I suspect, could demonstrate that this is meaningless as evidence of a rigged lottery.)

This year the top player is from Oklahoma. And the Thunder could really use a big man. So, as the thinking goes, bring on the Thunder! It's meant to be.

An interesting wrinkle, though: Does Blake Griffin even want to play for his hometown team?

Jonathan Givony recently talked to Griffin for NBA.com, and if it's meant to be, nobody asked Griffin about it:

The glamour of New York isn't lost on the always straight-forward Griffin, and when asked, he doesn't hide the appeal he finds in landing in a major media market like New York or Los Angeles.

"Definitely. I would love to play in a big city like that."

Still, he's not planning on being picky if a team from a smaller city wants to take him.

"The market is great and all that," Griffin explains, "but besides that there are a lot of other great cities besides New York and L.A. There are a lot of great opportunities with teams that could possibly get it."

His hometown team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, have an 11.9 percent chance of landing the No. 1 pick, but from the sound of it, Griffin won't be shedding any tears if they were unable to move up.

"I think it would be a good situation, but at the same time, I've been in Oklahoma my entire life," Griffin said. "I have a spot in my heart for Oklahoma obviously growing up there and living there my entire life, but I wouldn't mind getting out and seeing different stuff."