Doc Rivers: Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins Were Playing Hurt


Doc Rivers tells radio station WEEI that the Celtics' series against the Magic was marred by injuries, the most important of which had been unreported, to the majority of the team's starting lineup.

Ray Allen, Rivers says, had hamstring trouble, while Paul Pierce had bone spurs that may require an operation. Kendrick Perkins, as was reported, has been playing with an injured shoulder, which may also require surgery.

Brian Robb of CelticsHub says the news makes sense, especially in the case of Ray Allen, who performed well below normal levels.

The last time he had a stretch of games this bad, was during the Cleveland series last year, when it was widely documented he had been suffering from ankle pains all year long.
He was also phenomenal for the majority of the Bulls series, carrying the team through stretches when Paul went cold. There was no sign of any let up from Ray as he looked to be on his A game despite the additional minutes he played this year.

Thus the hamstring injury popping up for Orlando makes sense, because it takes an injury to slow down Ray Allen's shot for any substantial length of time. So while the Magic did a great job defending him, let's not give them all the credit for limiting Ray for the first 6 games and anoint J.J. Redick as a potentially good defensive player just yet. Clearly there was more at play here.