The Tony Allen Story from a Legal Perspective

The Sports Law Blog brings some sensible analysis to the late-night restaurant brawl that ended in the shooting of another patron. After re-capping the incident more thoroughly than I've seen elsewhere, they start to connect the dots between that restaurant incident and Allen's recent knee surgery:

Last week, the story took a peculiar turn, when the Celtics unexpectedly announced that Allen would undergo surgery on his right knee to repair a tear, and that he would be out of action until at least the start of the 2005-06 NBA season. Allen allegedly told the Celtics that he couldn't remember when the pain started. He had been healthy enough to play in the July summer league, where he excelled.

The Celtics appear to believe that Allen's knee injury is unrelated to basketball activities. This past Wednesday, on a radio interview with 1510 The Zone Sporting News Radio Boston, Celtics' general manager Danny Ainge apparently said, "Tony made a mistake, and he knows it. He had to have surgery to pay for that mistake." Thus, it appears plausible that Allen's knee injury may have been related to the melee in the Chicago restaurant.